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Newsletter - 03 September 2013

Inland Shipping DLC spotted on the river... arrival imminent!

Ahoy all virtual captains...

There is a new DLC spotted on the river and ready to arrive for mooring very soon.
VSTEP is proud to announce the upcoming Ship Simulator Extremes: Inland Shipping DLC. This new  DLC pack for Ship Simulator Extremes and Ship Simulator Extremes Collection will focus on the inland shipping activities. Captains will be able to take control of 3 new vessels and 5 controllable barges in a new campaign featuring 6 realistic missions. The Inland Shipping DLC will guide you through some of the challenges an inland vessel captain faces.

The Inland Shipping DLC is set to release soon and will be available for Ship Simulator Extremes and the Ship Simulator Extremes Collection on and all other leading digital distribution platforms for €7.99. Make sure you get on board!

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Download the new v1.5.5 update for Ship Sim Extremes and Ship Sim Extremes Collection.

VSTEP is proud to announce that a new update v1.5.5 is now available for download! This new update will improve the multiplayer experience and includes bug fixes, improved dynamics and collsions for environments and vessels. For a complete list of all changes, please check the v1.5 release notes.

The update is available through our website and other select channels. STEAM users will have their version updated automatically.

Release notes:

[ Environments ]

  • Improved collisions in the Hamburg, New York, Rotterdam, San Francisco, Solent environments

[ Ships ]

  • Improved different ship settings and features of 35 ships.This includes (depending on ship) dynamics, lights, meshes, bridge, wakes, etc.

[ Multiplayer ]

  • SSE CE multiplayer compatibility fixes
  • Fixed crash in server ui
  • Changed multiplayer product ID